Numbers 0 to 10

Explore Ten Town through an exciting interactive map!

Children will love to explore the island of Ten Town, where they will find all their favourite characters alongside their homes.

From Freddie Four and his boat house to Nina Nine and her workshop.

When the user clicks on the character, this reveals a range of exciting activities for this number.

The 0-10 Map

Fun Activities

Each number is made up of collections of fun and engaging content.
Check out some of the examples below.

Book icon


Each story provides an enjoyable introduction to the Ten Town characters.

guitar music icon


Songs are set to well-known nursery rhymes and helps establish number value.


Exciting activities include number tracing, build a bridge and marble hunt.

Ten Town TV

Specially made short films provide opportunities for cross curricular learning.

A Rewarding Experience

Each child can select their own animal avatar. As a child works their ways around the map they can earn rewards. By completing an activity, they gain a star. When they have finished all the activities for a number, they win a badge.

Finally, when they have completed all the numbers on the map, their animal avatar is rewarded with a hat of their choice!

The Ten Town TV Studios

Discover Numbers 10-20

Take a tour of the Ten Town TV studios and join the audience for Tia Ten’s famous cookery show!

Available for school and home use

For Schools

Designed for schools of all sizes.

For Home

Designed for parents to use with their children.

Build your Ten Town package
Ten Town has a flexible subscription model that is tailored to your specific needs.