Helps build strong basic numeracy skills up to 20
Ten Town is a multi-award winning maths resource designed for the early years.
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100s of practical ideas to help apply knowledge in the classroom
Stimulates a real interest in numbers and makes maths fun!
Exciting online stories, songs and activities
With new subitising and number bond activities to reflect the revised EYFS.
Wide range of high quality resources to support learning
Now includes range of outdoor wall friezes
Helps to develops an understanding of number value for 10 to 20
Introduces topics including time, weight and simple calculations
Characters designed to engage children’s imagination
The inhabitants of Ten Town help stimulate an interest in numbers.
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What our community says…
Ten Town has helped engage the children and capture their imagination and then the maths learning has just flowed. I would say they have a much broader understanding of the concept of numerals and what each number represents in terms of quantity and as a tool to group things. We have also seen much more mark making as we attempt to form numerals especially from the boys.
Lolene Poxon, Manager, Rolleston Pre-School
One of the reasons it has really worked in our school is that Ten Town isn’t just about learning number formation and early counting, it has also developed the children’s understanding of number value and how to apply their knowledge in practical situations.
Keeleigh McKeon, Lead EYFS Teacher, Ghyllgrove Community Primary School
My son has made such amazing progress with his number recognition plus he thinks it’s great fun. He went from not liking numbers to deciding he wanted to read all the door numbers on our street and getting them all right.
Susannah McConaghy, parent
“It’s interactive, it’s bright, it’s colourful. We’ve seen the impact Ten Town has had and it’s been absolutely fabulous! There were children that we weren’t expecting to achieve the Early Learning Goal for Maths and they did, and that was definitely through Ten Town.”
Laura Smith, Early Years Lead Practicioner, Burton Manor Primary School
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We absolutely love Ten Town at our school. It is a great and fun resource to use with the children which helps them recognise numbers to 20 and to form them accurately. We use Ten Ten alongside our mastery approach to maths and it fits in really well.
Courtney Shepherd, Reception Class Teacher, Torrisholme Community Primary School
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