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Children are often very good at counting out loud to 10 and even further, but it does not always follow that they can write the numbers correctly or that they understand the real value of each number. Ten Town is designed to help develop these basic numeracy skills.

For Parents
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Online Activities

Online learning happens within Ten Town and includes fun Stories, Songs & Games. There are 100+ online activities (and counting!)

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Physical Materials*
Physical Materials*

There are over 500 Printable Support Materials featuring a wide variety of ideas for practical activities with your classes.

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Extras can be purchased to support teaching,including: Flash Cards, Role Play Tabards, Books & Outdoor Wall Friezes

Number Formation

Numbers are really just abstract shapes, and this can often lead to number reversal — writing numbers back to front.

The key feature of Ten Town is that it gives children a reason why each number is formed in a particular way. King One is in charge of Ten Town, and all the other characters have a reason why they face or away from him.

For example, Freddie Four, the explorer, faces away from King One when he goes on adventures to new places.

When a character’s story is combined with their number rhyme, this can improve number formation and reduce number reversal.

The number rhymes help children with number formation
Number Value

Everything about a Ten Town character relates to their number, so Fiona Five, the Paralympic athlete, eats five portions of fruit and eg every day, and Nina Nine, the builder, has nine tools in her tool box.

This helps children to develop an understanding of the value of each number and can also be applied to everyday activities. So your child might like to set the table for King One with one knife, one fork and so on, or they could pair up socks, like Tommy Two!

Using Ten Town like this with your child is a great way to consolidate their learning. There are also a number of options to access the online activities at home, including stories, songs and games.

Nina Nine is a builder who keeps everything in sets of nine
Numbers up to 20

Ten Town also introduces numbers to 20 with an emphasis on number value and placement, as well as incorporating topics such as measuring, time and positional language.

Numbers up to 20
Tia Ten leads learners around numbers 10-20 at the Ten Town Studios.
What our community says…
My son has made such amazing progress with his number recognition plus he thinks it’s great fun. He went from not liking numbers to deciding he wanted to read all the door numbers on our street and getting them all right.
Susannah McConaghy, parent
We absolutely love Ten Town at our school. It is a great and fun resource to use with the children which helps them recognise numbers to 20 and to form them accurately. We use Ten Ten alongside our mastery approach to maths and it fits in really well.
Courtney Shepherd, Reception Class Teacher, Torrisholme Community Primary School
One of the reasons it has really worked in our school is that Ten Town isn’t just about learning number formation and early counting, it has also developed the children’s understanding of number value and how to apply their knowledge in practical situations.
Keeleigh McKeon, Lead EYFS Teacher, Ghyllgrove Community Primary School
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