The Characters

The Ten Town characters are designed to build strong basic numeracy skills and make maths fun!

The Characters
King One is in charge of Ten Town. He is very proud of this and so stands up straight and tall.

For breakfast he has one boiled egg, one piece of toast and one glass of orange juice. He also rides around Ten Town on a unicycle.
“If you were setting a table for King One, what would you add?”
King One lives in a castle and this links well to topics like understanding the past. This Ten Town TV video looks at what it was like to live in a castle!

Freddie Four is an explorer who loves to travel the world. He faces away from King One because he is leaving Ten Town to explore new places.
On his travels he takes four of everything. If he is going somewhere hot he will take four sunhats.

“If you were going on an adventure with Freddie Four, which items would you pack in a rucksack?”
Freddie Four links to understanding the world. In “Where’s Freddie Four?” we find out four facts about different countries.

Nina Nine is a builder who is in charge of all construction in Ten Town. She faces King One because she is showing him the plans for a recycling centre.
Nina Nine has nine tools which she keeps in her tool box.

“If you were building a house with Nina Nine, which tools would you choose?”
Nina Nine links to loose parts play and basic STEM concepts.

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